Wednesday, May 31

Interlude II

I never leave my house without my shuffle. In fact, I'd be damn happy if someone could make me a mobile phone that is as sturdy (i.e. droppable, even screen-free) and simple as that device. In any case, I've noticed that while I prefer randomised playlists for walking and travelling, I sit at my desk and do my best writing when I listen to full albums, in their recorded order. Every so often, I'll include in every post the album of the day, and a sample song that will be available for a couple of days. Enjoy.


Blogger Trevor said...

Anne, are you saying that you'd like a phone that randomized your contact list so that when you picked it up to call someone it would choose who to call? :)

2:51 p.m.  
Blogger spitzer said...

That is a great idea, the random calling cell phone. Imagine the great conditions that could put someone in or develop. I think the caller list would be a little more selective.
A note on you blog as a whole: “the machine stops,” I am sure you have read it or heard of it, if not, do so, acquaint yourself with E.M. Forster.

4:53 a.m.  

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