Friday, September 8

Moving right along

I can no longer settle on a title, and the structure continues to change shape, but here's where I'm at today:

Part 1 - Urban Tapestries and the mobile public

[This is my major case history, focussed on the entire duration of the UT project and its transition into Social Tapestries.]

Part 2 - After method

[This is the methodology bit, building off John Law's fluid results, elusive objects and unconventional forms, it critically evaluates my own qualitative methods.]

Part 3 - A brief history of pervasive computing and locative media

[This is the lit review bit, a comprehensive but necessarily selective account of technology research, art and design cultures.]

Part 4 - Play in the networked city

[These are my minor case histories (Sonic City & Tejp, Passing Glances, and Mobile Bristol) focussing on pervasive computing as materials and means of playing in, and with, public spaces.]

Part 5 - Mobilising publics

[Part of the major critical analysis, this situates the technologies, art and design practices at hand within the sociological literature on publics and mobilities.]

Part 6 - After the hype

[I close with my evaluation of future potentials for socially relevant technology research and design.]


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